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Developer(s):Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Initial release:16.10.2013
Current version:5.6 (Version History)
Operating system:Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Written in:Java
Available in:English, German, French, Spanish
Source Code:

xBook is a common framework for several archaeo-related database applications developed and published by Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

All database applications that are based on the framework (called Books) provide the same basic technical features, but each application can be extended individually. Especially the Synchronisation and the User Rights Management are strong features that allow creating backups and sharing your data to collaborate with other users. The Synchronisation is the base for future cross-application similarity searches involving all available Books.

With OssoBook, ArchaeoBook and AnthroBook there are currently three archaeological databases based on the framework.

Common features

Main article: Full detailed feature list

  • User-friendly data entry with Book-specific input fields supports the separation in different projects.
  • Project Right Management: Only the project owner has full rights to his data, but he can share read-only or write access to other users and user groups.
  • Synchronisation allows sustainable backups of your data and sharing the data with other users for collaborate working.
  • Automatical update function: Your database is always up-to-date even if a new version is released.
  • Export: All data can be exported to CSV or XLS. An data import is planned.
  • Data Search: A combination of Project Search and Data Filter allows searching for single entries.
  • The databases can be used with and without an internet connection.

Getting started

  1. Download the xBook Launcher from the xBook Download Page
  2. Run the xBook Launcher for installation and setup → Detailled information
  3. xBook is now ready to use → First Steps Tutorials

Issues and Contribution

Please use the xBook GitLab Page to report issues relating to the application or to make a contribution to the development.

Available Books

OssoBook Icon.png OssoBook
ArchaeoBook Icon.png ArchaeoBook
AnthroBook Icon.png AnthroBook


Information and tutorials for the development of the xBook framework and for the creation of plugins for one of the books:

Core Development
Plugins are currently not available, but will be reintroduced soon!