xBook Launcher

xBook Framework for (bio)archaeological data

xBook is a Database Framework, which is developed for the requirements of archaeological and bioarchaeological workflows. It provides basic functionalities that can be used and extended in the individual database incarnations. The available functionalities include the synchronization process with an offline mode for collaboration, data exchange and data backup, the updating of provided information such as value tables, a user rights management, mechanisms for data entry, listing, data export, search and filter options, as well as update processes for the application and the database.

Examples for existing database applications:

Database for archaeozoological findings
Database for archaeological objects
Database for excavation documentation
Database for anthropological findings

Here you will find the xBook Launcher for download, which you need to install and run any of a xBook-based database applications.

Download the jar version of the xBook Launcher. You can save the launcher to any location on your computer and run it from there.

System requirements

The database applications are compatible with the operating systems Windows (7 or higher), as well as with Linux and MacOS.

Java installation is required to run the application. The database applications requires Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (JRE) or higher, which is available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. However, the higher versions are only available for 64-bit systems. Java JRE can be downloaded from the Oracle homepage.

To run a database application you need at least 1 GB RAM on your computer (recommended: 2 GB RAM).
Please note that when working with a larger number of records in the application, especially when listing and exporting data, the required amount of memory increases. Please note the possibility to allocate more memory to the application in the xBook Launcher in the tab "Advanced settings".

What is the xBook Launcher?

The xBook Launcher is a utility application that installs, updates and executes all database applications based on the xBook framework. Here it is also possible to set basic settings.

If the Internet connection is active, the xBook Launcher automatically checks whether an update is available for the corresponding database application. If so, the files to be updated are automatically downloaded and updated before the application starts.

In the xBook Launcher you can add the database you want. Use the URL of the application you want to install. These are

The administration of several xBook database applications in one xBook Launcher is possible.